December 13, 2011

Gearing Up for the Cold

It seems kind of weird for me to start talking about cold weather since I live in Florida and can wear my sandals and shorts pretty much every day of the year, but next week I am headed back "Up North" to Washington State to spend some time with my family for the Holidays.  Since I am going to be there for ten days, you know I will do some fishing.  
I'm not sure exactly what we will be fishing for, maybe it will be trout, maybe walleye, maybe even some ice fishing; but fishing is definitely in the plans.  My cousin says he knows that we can go and fish for bass in a spot he found last winter. That would make my trip. To catch a bass in December in the North  with temps in the low thirties or high twenties would be awesome.

Looking at the weather, I can see it's going to be really cold.

I'm not sure how I will handle the cold weather, since I have been gone from the Northwest for almost four years now.  The first thing I need to do is find my cold weather gear.  I kept all my gear from up there just in case I ever made it back to the snow and cold. I am going to dig out my Carhartt Jacket and Beanie and maybe even my face mask. I know that I need to be prepared for some cold weather if I want to make my trip enjoyable. There is nothing worse than fishing in the cold and only worrying about staying warm.  That makes fishing much more difficult and you end up spending all your time trying to get comfortable instead of actually focusing on fishing.

It should be a fun time up there and I'm excited to try to catch a smallmouth, man I miss them!

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