December 4, 2011

A New Personal Best: 8.88lbs

Yesterday was a great day.  It all started with our fishing tournament on Lake Okeechobee. We fished hard all day and ended up with 13.99 pounds, which isn't great for this lake, yet we still ended up in 10th place out of 65 boats and cashed a check. I even won in the raffle and won five bags of Skinny Dippers

The weigh-in was at an unusually early time of 1:15, so we were all done and it was barely 2:00.  So what did we do?  We went back out fishing.  The fish were just starting to bite really good when we had to make the long run back to the weigh-in, so we were eager to get back out there.  We drove around to the other end of the lake and launched close to our spot. I think we have a problem; we are addicted to bass fishing.

The fishing was ridiculous and we ended up fishing until dark.  After all was settled, we had landed several 3's, a couple 4 and 5lbers and my new personal best; 8.88 pounds.  I have caught three eight pound fish in my life but this was the biggest and we have the video to prove it.  We went to the same area, used the same baits and just caught them over and over.  This goes to show that timing is huge in bass fishing. 

The good news is we have two tournaments on the lake next week and plan to do the same thing both days. Let's hope those big ones bite again.

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