December 4, 2011

T Brinks Fishing Christmas List Day 3 - G. Loomis GL2 rod

G. Loomis is a brand that really needs no introduction.  For years they have been known as the holy grail of fishing rods, the "Cadillac" if you will.  Since they have this reputation, it has been hard for them to impress serious anglers.  Last year with the NRX, they took it to the next level, but not everyone can afford a rod in that price range. They  have always made one of the best rods on the market. Light, sensitive and functional are words that have become synonymous with the Loomis brand.  For the most part they have remained a conservative company; they aren't the company who jumps on the bandwagon of things like micro guides, flashy colors or the split grips (until recently). With that being said, they are a classic rod company who's quality is second to none.  I have been a Loomis owner for years, and have owned GLX, IMX, Mossy Backs and more.  Until recently, I had never tried their lowest level of rods, the GL2.

The complete redesign of the GL2 definitely caught my attention this year at ICAST and I was eager to try one. They must have caught the eye of many others as they won the Best of Show in the Freshwater Rod Category.  When I said lowest level, that is something that needs to be taken in context.  This is still a high quality, top end rod by just about anyone's standards.

So what's new with the rods? They now feature a split grip design, which I have become a huge fan of in recent years. The styling and features are very classic, and the performance is what you would expect from a rod of this caliber. The GL2 comes in thirty different models that are aimed at specific techniques with a variety of actions and tapers. The rod I reviewed is the 7'1" Medium Heavy Jig and Worm rod, a great all around rod for fishing soft plastics and jigs.

Starting with the bottom of the rod, you will notice a unique tapered butt section that is actually flat on each side.  The idea behind this is to have better ergonomics when reeling and fighting fish.  It was quite comfortable and did the job.

Moving up the rod, you will notice a split grip design that features a graphic that easy shows what this rod is built for.  This section also features a combination of cork and cork composite for added appeal and style.

The reel seat is very light and at the same time, very comfortable.  I handed this rod to a friend and that was his first comment; "Man, this thing is comfortable to hold".  Comfort and ergonomics go a long way when you fish as much as I do.  I want a rod that won't wear me out.  The light rod, combined with the little features makes this a rod that is ready to fish all day long.

The rod I reviewed has nine guides plus the tip, making it very easy to get long and accurate casts.  I was pleased with the extra fast action of the rod.  I do feel like the Medium Heavy action may be rated a little light, but maybe it just varies from different rod companies.   

Paired with a new Shimano Chronarch E, this is a dream set-up for bass anglers.

Scoring for the G. Loomis GL2 Rod
Price/Value: 3
I think Loomis rods are definitely worth every penny, but this is still a high dollar rod at around $200.
Durability: 4
All of my G. Loomis rods have been able to withstand my abuse, which says something  This rod has been no different so far and is built with top quality components.
Performance: 4
Super lightweight and very comfortable to fish with.  I love this rod and have been using it for more techniques, including topwaters, chatterbaits and jerkbaits...just so I can use it more often.
Innovation: 3
Rods are rods, but the stylish features and complete redesign should be worth something in the scoring.
Availability: 4
It is available on most online stores and should be on the rack at your local G. Loomis dealer.

Total Score: 18  - Good Buy!

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