December 8, 2011

T Brinks Fishing Christmas List - Day 5 - Abu Garcia Veritas Micro Guide Series

I reviewed an Abu Garcia Veritas rod last year and was impressed with the rod, especially due to the low cost.  For under a hundred dollars, this thing is a steal.  It has proven to be a solid rod after fishing it all year and I use it quite a bit.  It's light, strong and casts very well.  New for this year is the Micro Guide Series.  The micro guide craze swept into the fishing world last year and until now, I had never owned one.  I have to admit, they are pretty cool. 

The rod is very balanced and put together right. All of the Veritas rods feature the Nano Technology, "which is incorporated into every rods' super-sensitive 30-ton graphite blanks, manipulates the graphite on an atomic level for 2.5-times the impact resistance of standard graphite rods."

All of the features on this rod make it very light; the split grips, EVA foam grips, micro guides, and reel seat.  Each of these contribute to making a rod that weighs next to nothing, yet is strong enough to do battle with big bass.

The rod features micro guides to make a light rod even lighter.

The reel seat is what I would consider a skeleton real seat.  Not much to it, but just enough to hold the reel securely.  This is another way they are able to make this rod so light. The call it their "extreme exposure" reel seats.  The rod molds to the reel, especially if you are using a low profile reel to complete the combo.

The butt cap of the Veritas is very stylish.  One thing I didn't like about my first Veritas is that this rod will slide on a hard surface if propped up against something.  This version is no different. While it's cool looking, this is probably my least favorite thing about the rod.  

Price/Value: 5
For under a $100, I haven't found many rods with this much value at a low price.
Durability: 4
The Nano Technology makes this a strong and durable rod.
Performance: 4
Very light and sensitive. Overall a pleasure to use.
Innovation: 3
The rod has some great features from higher rods, and has just brought the cost down to the masses.
Availability: 3
You can see the white glow of these rods calling for you at many tackle stores and online. I haven't seen many stores with the micro guide series (yet)

Total Score: 19  - Good Buy!

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