December 8, 2011

T Brinks Fishing Christmas List Day 6 - Abu Garcia Pro Max

In fishing and in everything else we choose to do with our spare time, there are different levels of equipment.  Some always buy the best and most expensive money can buy and choose to enjoy all the finer things in life.  Then their are some who just don't want to (or can't afford to) spend top dollar for top shelf equipment.  That has become evident to me over the years when I have posted some reviews of certain products and also when I see the feedback I received from some lower priced offerings.  With that being said; I have a new reel I am reviewing that is priced very low, yet performs very well.  The technology in rods and reels has become so good that a value priced combo is equipped with some great features.  Enter the Abu Garcia Pro Max.

Looking at this reel you can immediately tell that this is from Abu Garcia.  Think of this as the Revo's little brother.  It features many of the same stylish features and appearances as the whole Revo lineup, with a price tag of around half as much.  

The MaxTrax Brake System is very easy to adjust from the outside and offers complete cast control. 

The spool is made up of a "machined, double anodized Aluminum, which provides added strength without adding excess weight"

8 Ball Bearings, brass gearing and big reel grips are some great features for a reel in this price range.

The lightweight frame is all one piece and is very light.  It also features the recessed reel foot that many of the higher end reels have.  This makes it fit very well with rods.  The Abu rod lineup is perfect for the Max and Revo families.

Scoring for the Abu Garcia Pro Max

Price/Value: 4
For the money this is a great buy.  At $79.99, this is great entry level or first "good baitcaster" for many.  It also serves well for someone who wants to buy a few.
Durability: 3
So far so good, but a reel's durability needs to be measured after a year of solid fishing. 
Performance: 3
Casts very well right out of the box.  It's not going to be as smooth as a higher end reel, but you have to consider what it costs.
Innovation: 3
Some great features at a lower cost.
Availability: 3
Should be available everywhere soon.  It is available now on Tackle Warehouse

Total Score: 16  - Good Buy!

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