April 10, 2012

2012: Year of the records

It seems like every other day or so there is a new report of a state record bass being caught. 

Oklahoma had both their largemouth and smallmouth records broken back-to-back. Arkansas had their record broken...only to find out the guy didn't have a valid fishing license (naturally it didn't count).  There were also a few other state records broken, some spotted bass records broken...you name it, it's been happening.

Crazy would an understatement.  

I'm surprised this Mustad Hook a Million promotion is still going on for fear they are going to go broke paying all the records.  As far as I know, nobody has claimed any of their prizes. 

Here are some of the details of the promo:

$1,400,000 IS UP FOR GRABS!
The first TWO Freshwater All-Tackle State Records will win $100,000! 

Plus, the first TWO Saltwater All-Tackle State Records will win $100,000! 

The first new IGFA-Certified All-Tackle World Record will win $1,000,000!* 

Includes Largemouth Bass and 9 other species. Fish with any Mustad® hook. Promotion runs 10.1.2011 — 9.30.2012

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