July 30, 2012

A New Look at Jigheads: Freedom Tackle

One booth at ICAST that really caught my attention was Freedom Tackle.  They are a brand new company from Canada and both the company and their ideas were refreshing to hear about.  They were excited about the product and passionate about the design which was great to see. 

The jigs are what they call a live action hybrid jig.  The concept was unique in that the hook can be changed out from the jighead.  How often have you had a great jig only to have the hook damaged, bent or become dull?  I've had it happen more than a few times and it makes the whole jig worthless.  Their design allows you to change hooks if they become bad or even if you wanted to add a smaller, larger or different style of hook. The hooks swivel and move like an Accent Lures Scooter Jig or the Biffle Hardhead, but the fact that you can change hooks makes it even better.

It was cool seeing how easy it was to switch out hooks.  Watch this video to learn more.

This is more of what they say about the jig:  "Unlike the conventional fishing jig Freedom’s Live Action “Hybrid” Jigs offer total flexibility from the second the jig hits the water through the retrieve. This is achieved by separating the hook from the jig head and by specially weighting the jig head to ensure that it always lands “hook side” up in the perfect “strike” position."

More info can be found on their website freedomlures.com

The swim jig design

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