July 30, 2012

The Rod Glove Pro Series - Video and Review

I've been a hold out on the rod protection products that have become popular in recent years.  Not until I got my new boat last year did I really see a big reason to use them.  Sure they are great for co-anglers and for storing rods, but until I tried to pack my rod lockers with all my rods I didn't see them as a must have.  The Rod Glove has been around for years and have a loyal following and with good reason: they make great products.  I have been using their new pro series for a few months now and will be getting more.  I obtained one of each size they make: the standard, the extra long and the spinning version and will be getting more to fit all of my rods.

The Pro Series is an improved version through the use of neoprene.  They are heavy duty and slide on the rods just as easy, maybe even easier than the originals.  I am now a believer.

Scoring for the The Rod Glove Pro Series

Price/Value: 3
They are a little more expensive for the Pro Series due to the neoprene but the casting model still comes in at under $10.
Durability: 3
The neoprene is thick and I can't imagine it getting damaged any time soon.
Performance: 4
They do the job and protect your rods while still making them easy to slide in and out of rod lockers.
Innovation: 3
More of an improvement than innovation, but still a great idea to use neoprene.
Availability: 3
TackleWarehouse.com and several places online.

Total Score: 16 - Good Buy!
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