July 24, 2012

The Drag Queen and a Contest

The Drag Queen jig by Lethal Weapon Lures is something I saw a few months ago and couldn't wait to see if up close.  For one, it's a good looking football jig and I know Lethal Weapon makes some great stuff.  The unique thing about this jig (actually there are a few things) that caught my attention was the rattle. Sure, jigs with rattles aren't that uncommon, but this jig has a rattle inside the head.  The head design is a typically football head design except it is tungsten plated.  The tungsten is positioned where you need it most and I definitely felt more sensitivity when I fished it on some rocky areas of Lake Okeechobee.  Overall it is unique enough to give it a shot.  Here's a little more information about it and keep reading and I'll tell you how you can win one from me.

The Design: The jig is made with premium components like a Gamakatsu hook and hand tied skirt.  The skirt is soft and undulating and much like a mop jig.  I also like the fact that it includes a trailer keeper and the jig is actually wire tied to keep it in place.  Another cool thing about it is the fact that there are painted eyes on the head: pretty unique for a football head.  Since they are on top of the head instead of the side, I think they will be more visible to fish looking down at the jig.

Specifics: It comes in ten great colors and the size is a 5/8oz.  Not sure if they have other sizes planned, but that's a good general size.

Contest: All you have to do is add a comment about what you like about this jig and I will pick a winner.  The winner will be selected from entries received by July 31st at 12:00PM (ET).  You will be entered to win this:

Jig is now available

Scoring for the Drag Queen football jog from Lethal Weapon Lures
Price/Value: 2
It retails for around $5, which is a bit more than your run-of-the-mill jig but with the components and added tungsten plate, it makes sense.
Durability: 3
The paint seems to be holding very well so far.  Unfortunately the rocks in my lakes aren't as numerous as some other locations, but I think it will be above average from my experience.
Performance: 4
It works like any other jig except it has the internal rattle, which I like. I also think the rattle sound is different since it is internal, maybe just enough difference to give a different sound to the fish.
Innovation: 4
Can't recall another tungsten plated jig and there are very few with internal rattles in the head.
Availability: 3
TackleWarehouse.com and CustomLures.net and possibly your local tackle store.

Total Score: 16 - Good Buy!

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