December 3, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Day 3 - The Rod Glove Pro Series

I'll admit, I was never a big fan of rod protection products.  I felt that they would take too much effort and waste time.  That was until I damaged an expensive rod.  I started using the Rod Glove products and now can't think of a reason not too.  I really like them for protecting my rods in my rod locker as they always get tangled up and it always happens at the worst time.  The whole selection from Rod Glove is top notch, but the Pro Series is even better.  They are made from neoprene material and are very heavy duty.

I did a product review and video of them earlier in the season and still feel just as strongly about how great they are.  They are gaining popularity and many of the top pros are using them now and it just makes sense.  Protect your rods and save them from being tangled.

The standard Rod Glove can starts at just $5.99 for casting models and the Pro Series is $9.99.

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