December 4, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Day 4 - The Damiki Air Craw

It's really hard for me to be impressed with soft plastic baits.  I use them so often and have every style, color and size known to man.  Once in a while there is a new bait idea that really gets me excited.  The Damiki Air Craw is one of those baits.  At first glance, I thought it looked like a cool crawfish imitator, but after seeing it in action underwater I understand why it is so effective.

Like the name implies, air is a big part of this bait.  The craws fill up with air and make the bait stand straight up on the bottom. It works great as a jig trailer or by itself and really does damage when sight fishing.

I stick with the more natural colors and the tried and true black and blue, but am thinking about experimenting with the white/silver color this spring for bedding fish.  As far as the sizes, it comes in 3" and 4" and both are compact yet bulky enough to be appealing to all sizes of fish.

Retail cost is $5.79 per bag, which is pretty good considering how well they work.
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