December 6, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Day 6 - Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Wacky Weight

Fishing with a wacky-rigged senko is one of my favorite ways to fish.  It works across the country, throughout the year and for all species of bass.  I have been doing it for years and have tried every method imaginable for hooking the bait; o-rings, hooked right into the plastic and also with the Eco Pro Tungsten Pro Wacky Weight.

The Pro Wacky Rig Weight is my favorite way to use it because you get an added weight, a better hookup ratio and the ability to preserve your baits a little longer.

The added weight comes in the form of a small tungsten weight attached to the system.  It comes in multiple colors and sizes to fit all your needs.

The reason it has a better hookup ratio is due to the fact that the hook will now sit perpendicular to the worm as apposed to running parallel. Trust me, its much better and you won't miss as many fish.

It also preserves the bait since the soft plastic is held by the two prongs on the Pro Wacky Weight.  It's secure and you will notice less baits getting ripped in half after one fish.  It still might happen but overall you will extend the life of your baits.

Check out my review and video from earlier this year.  You can purchase them from TackleWarehouse and many other stores including Cabela's.
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