April 18, 2013

A Forgotten Little Trick

I was rigging up a few rods last night for this weekend and deciding which trailer I should use for my jigs. That was my last post and I have been looking through all of my options after talking with a few people about what they prefer to add to their jigs. My choice for this weekend is a Damiki Air Craw. I love fishing these alone on a Texas-rig or for pitching, but they make a great jig trailer as well.

Looking through all of my gear, I found something that I had almost forgot about, Hitch Series Trailer Keepers. I did a review of them two years ago and loved them, but somehow forgot about them. Chris McDonald just did a review of them so I credit him for sparking my memory.

I was worried the trailer wouldn't stay in place because I shortened the Air Craw a little, but with one of these on there I should be good to go!

Photo: independenttackle.com

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