September 6, 2013

Save Badger Lake

Over the past month I have been spending all of my spare time at a small lake called Badger Lake. It is some of the best fishing I have encountered since I moved back to Washington State, even during the "dog days" of summer.  That's the good news, the bad news is they are planning to kill this lake and remove all bass in it. They want to return it to it's state as a trout only lake. It's really sad what the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is doing here and we have attended a public meeting, talked with political representatives and even started a petition to try to save the lake.  

Please sign this petition if you care about saving bass!

All of these fish were caught in the last month or so, and all will die if nothing is done!

6.25lbs on a football head
4+lber on a Damiki Kaiser
Caught on DUO Spinbait
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