November 10, 2014

The Season is Winding Down

I was in the Florida Keys the past few days, then today I woke up to snow on the ground and frost on my truck windows. That is a sad day for bass fishermen. It definitely doesn't mean I won't be out on the water a few more times, but the days are definitely limited. 

The fall has been great and Tanya and I have had some awesome trips fishing Long Lake. We've been drop-shotting (like always) and have found some nice fish by fishing the 20-30 foot range. I've been getting asked a bunch about what we have been using and don't mind sharing. If you've ever read my blog you have probably heard about this exact same setup anyways.

Rod: 7' ML St. Croix Premier and 6'9" ML Fenwick Elite Tech Smallmouth Rod. I like the ML action even though alot of people like the Medium action. The medium light is great for a extra cast distance and also for detecting those subtle bites. 

Line: 20lb Seaguar Smackdown braid in green and the high-vis yellow. I just switched to the yellow and it is awesome for visually seeing those light bites. I can get away with 20lb Smackdown instead of 15lb because it is so thin. Do a line diameter comparison to see the difference between all of the brands. I'll also use a 8lb Seaguar Tatsu leader tied with a uni-to-uni knot.

Hook(s): I mostly Texas-rig my baits and use a Size 1 Gamakatsu G-Lock, it is the perfect size for a Roboworm. If I rig it nose-hooked, the new Aaron Marten's TGW Drop Shot Hook is unreal. It is so strong and does not bend no matter how small the hook is. I like a Size 1 for this one too.

Weight: 3/16oz or 3/8oz cylinder drop-shot weights. I use the 3/8oz any time it gets really windy or if I am vertically dropping on fish I see on my graph. The heavier weight gets it down there much faster and right onto what you are seeing on the screen. I'll even go up to a 3/4oz weight if I am doing this in very deep water.

Worms: The 4.5" Roboworm in Aaron's Magic is my go-to and it has not failed me this fall. I've also been using the new Yum drop-shot baits that are coming out soon, the Kill Shot and Sharp Shooter are going to be excellent baits. Can't forget the Berkley Twitchtail Minnow either...another standyby fall bait.

Here are a few pics from our recent trips...all using the setup listed above:

Part of our nearly 18lb bag of smallies

Tanya with a nice one

Even the largemouth like the dropshot

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