December 4, 2014

Lamiglas Excel II Rod Review

Lamiglas has always been known for producing quality rods. They have a loyal following, especially on the west coast and their reputation is well deserved. The latest addition to their bass lineup is the Lamiglas Excel II. I was a fan of the Excel I that came out a few years ago, but the new version is more advanced than the previous version and a much better rod in my opinion.

Looking at the rods you will notice they have plenty of style. Simple design with a bright blue color and quality Fuji components. They are built on high performance blanks and have the new Fuji SK2 reel seat which helps to make them lighter.

Fuji SK2 reel seat
The rod I have been using since the summer is the 705 Glass rod, which is the 7 foot Medium Heavy model. This rod has become my standard for throwing lipless's perfect for it. It also works great for squarebill crankbaits and even deeper diving crankbaits. At a recent tournament my main deep cranking rod broke a tip, so I rigged up the 705 Glass with a Strike King 6XD. It worked great and helped save the day for me.

The model I have is the glass rod for reaction baits, but the rest of the lineup is made of graphite and covers the whole spectrum of what you would need - drop-shot rods to a 7'6" Heavy Flippin' rod. The best thing about the rods in my opinion is the price, at just $99.99 they are beyond worth it.

Overall, I was impressed with the Excel II. For a rod in this price range it features all of the quality components you would expect from a rod that costs twice as much. So far I haven't seen a downside to the Excel II and I am eager to try some of the graphite versions to see how they compare to my other rods.

They can be found on TackleWarehouse for just $99.99.

EXL 705 Glass
No frills, just quality design
Deep-pressed hybrid guide system for longer casts
Quality EVA spit grip design
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