January 31, 2015

New Rods from Aaron Martens

The recent news of Aaron Martens leaving Megabass was a shocker for many who follow bass fishing. He's been there for 17 years and was one of the biggest parts of Megabass in the U.S. His signature series rods from Megabass, the Orochi XX are excellent rods so it was a surprise he would leave that quality for something new. In addition, he is no longer with Megabass and their awesome hardbaits, so it must have been a great offer and business opportunity.

Social media and bass fishing news outlets reported that he was seen at a dealer show with a new his new company, Enigma Rods and a banner that says Aaron's Edge. I, like many bass anglers searched to see what this company is about and there is nothing out there yet. 

Photo credit @stealthcustomshop on Instagram
Photo Credit angling-international.com
There are some clues though as the rods have Microwave guides and look to be associated with American Tackle Company. From building rods, I know that this company is part of a large group of brands that include rod components (American Tackle Co.), blanks (MHX) and everything else needed to build a rod (Mudhole.com for rod building supplies).

This probably means he literally had a chance to build the rod from scratch and with his reputation of being very particular about equipment, the rods should be amazing. The whole situation reminds me of Skeet Reese leaving a longtime sponsor to build his own brightly colored signature series of rods with Wright and McGill who at the time was not known for bass rods. 

I'm sure Aaron, like Skeet, will have a financial benefit from these rod sales but that is just my take on it. Whatever the case, I am excited to see these rods and how they perform.

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