August 18, 2015

Lesson Learned at the Pend Oreille

Sometimes I wonder why I don't just pitch a jig all day long. Every time I do it, I catch fish and I catch big ones. This weekend was a prime example of why I should do it more...even though I do it quite a bit.

I fished the Buchanan Bass Battle on the Pend Oreille River, a place I know well since I have fished there just about every summer for the last ten years. Even when I was living in Florida, we came back and got married on that exact stretch of river and I went fishing a few times. With that being said, I knew where to go and where I could catch smallmouth and basically ignored the largemouth areas.

Adding to this experience was the fact that I won a club tournament there a few years ago in the summer mostly on smallmouth with a drop shot. I had that in my mind that would be an easy way to get a good bag, but it ended up where all we were catching were small keepers. At around noon, my partner Noah and I had five smallies for a whopping six pounds. We were catching plenty of fish, we just struggled to get keepers.

At that time we went to a creek that usually holds some largemouth and spent an hour covering every inch with jigs, frogs and senkos. We ended up with nothing and went back to fishing the main river for smallmouth.

With thirty minutes to go, I thought of another area for largemouth and we decided to go for it. I was using my Eco Pro Tungsten Heavyweight Flipping Jig and quickly caught a short largemouth (they have to be 16") and then a few minutes later caught a 3.65lb largemouth. About that time I realized I should have went there earlier and just stuck with the jig all day long fishing the submerged logs and stumps.

Lesson learned. I realized I need to go for the big bites more and not worry about playing it safe and just trying to get a limit.

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