December 4, 2015

2015 Bass Fishing Gift Guide - Dirty Jigs Luke Clausen Casting Jig

For the next few weeks I will be sharing some products that I have been using this year. The products I post have my approval based on performance, price, quality and more. Every item here would make a great gift for the bass angler you are shopping for...or yourself! 

If you have ever purchased a jig from Dirty Jigs Tackle, you know they are top quality. Their swim jigs are very popular and something that I rely on every year to catch fish.  They make a whole line of jigs that cover every scenario you will find and have specialty jigs designed by top pros. The latest is the Luke Clausen Casting Jig

The name would make you think that it is just for "casting", but this jig excels for many other purposes including flipping and pitching shallow cover. It also makes an excellent choice for stroking offshore and your standard casting anywhere from shallow to deep water.

In my opinion, one of the things that makes this jig unique (besides the quality), is the head design that is forward weighted to get a vertical fall. Another key is the Gamakatsu O'shaughnessy hooks they use. These allow for excellent hookups and keep the fish hooked after the hookset.  They are a medium wire, 2X strong hook as well, which isn't too light and not too thick either.

One more thing I like about them is the color options and skirt materials. They are all fine cut and have some of the best looking colors you will find on a jig. TackleWarehouse has eight colors, but there are plenty more on the Dirty Jigs Tackle website.

You can get the jig in three sizes, 7/16 oz., 9/16 oz., and 3/4 oz. and they retail for $4.99.
As you can see, it is not just for casting

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