August 19, 2016

Storm Arashi Spin Review

Spybaiting as a technique is not brand new.  I published a review and video right here over three years ago, yet it is still kind of a secret among many anglers.  Now that Storm has released the Storm Arashi Spin, it may be time for it to hit the mainstream.

Before this release there were only a handful of Japanese companies making the baits.  These were all solid baits and have caught their fair share of bass.

The Arashi version is slightly different in the design since the propeller system has a different amount of blades. Instead of having two blades front and rear, it has three on the front and two in the back. I chatted with Brandon Palaniuk about this at ICAST and he said it has a much different feel in the water.  After using it, I agree.  It’s not like it is going to give you a ton of vibration or anything, but it is definitely different and you can feel it if you are an experienced spinbait user.

The overall quality of the bait is good.  I did have an issue with the line tie not being completely closed.  It allowed my line and knot to slip out, but the bait still worked and I didn’t lose any fish because of it.  Besides that, it is solid.  They have a pretty good selection of colors and the hooks are super sharp. They may be a little too thick, but still a good quality hook is important.

The action of the bait is also different that some of the other spinbaits I am used to.  It has a wider shimmy as it falls, but almost no side to side as you retrieve it through the water.  It is part of the appeal of the bait. Subtleness is key.  The action on the fall was impressive though and is sure to generate some interest from clear water bass.

Overall, at $7.99 you can’t beat it. It may not be on the same level as the Japanese baits, but it is a serviceable lure that is sure to get more people experimenting with spybaiting.

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