August 10, 2016

Connect Scale Digital Bluetooth Fishing Scale Review

Every angler should have a good scale on the boat or in their tackle bag. If not, your fish story is always missing a page.  With that being said, there are some great scales on the market. The Connect Scale is a solid scale just when it comes to weighing fish.  The many additional things it does make it a great scale.

The advances in technology have really made fishing better.  This scale a good example as it utilizes Bluetooth, smart phone apps, social media and GPS to get a much bigger picture of each fish you catch. Connect Scale allows you to log your catches for future reference as well as to instantly share the bragging rights pictures with all of your friends and family on social media.

I like how it allows you to add more fish catch data for later review.  It automatically logs the weight, exact GPS location, air temperature, date and time.  With a few taps and typing, you can add more detail to round out your fish catch log. If you weigh each fish with this scale, it is all there. 

Using the scale is fairly simple.  Once you have the app installed and running on your smart phone and weigh the fish, it will say "HOLD" when the weight is captured. It will then seamlessly update that weight to your app. 

You can then add pictures and other data and then share it if you would like. It just shares the weight, species and picture of the fish so don't worry about giving away your exact fishing locations.

There are some other features which I haven't used yet. There is a section in the app for culling in a tournament. It tracks your keepers as well as how many you caught that day and your overall average. This is a pretty cool feature that I need to take advantage of.  

If I were to choose a downside to it, it would be the cost. At $89.99, it is more than many other scales on the market.  With that being said, no other scale comes close to it in terms of overall capability.

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