January 19, 2017

Finesse Fishing Tips for Bass

The following are the products mentioned in my webinar, Finesse Fishing Tips.

Drop Shot Gear
There are so many benefits to using a drop shot and I always have at least one tied up on my front desk. Here is a link to a previous blog with my whole setup.

Shaky Head Gear
The shaky head always catches fish. I like a straight tail worm like a 4" Yamamoto Senko or Zoom Trick Worm. Another good bait is the Reaction Innovations Flirt.

I'll fish this on a 7'2" M Phenix Recon2 rod with a Shimano Sustain 2500 spooled with 20-pound Seaguar Smackdown braid with a 10-pound AbrazX leader.

Ned Rig Gear
What is the Ned Rig? Check out my video below if you haven't heard of it. It is a finesse technique that is taking over the bass fishing world. I fish it on the same setup as the drop-shot (7' ML rod) and prefer the Z-Man TRD as my soft plastic. You can also cut a Strike King Zero in half and get the same effect.

The Z-Man ShroomZ are the jigheads of choice for many, but I recently received a Do-It Mold to pour my own.

Neko Rig Gear

I love the Neko Rig. If you have never heard of it, check out my video on it below. My favorite bait is the Reaction Innovations Pocket Rocket. It has a great action as the bait is falling, but really any Senko-style bait will work.

VMC has everything you need for Neko Rigging from the hooks to the weights. I also like tungsten nail weights like the ones from Reins.

I fish this most of the time on the same setup I use for a shaky head.

Hair Jigs

There are some great hair jigs on the market. I like the Outcast Tackle Feider Fly and Punisher jigs the best. I have also found cheaper alternatives by looking for steelhead and trout jigs.

I fish this on a 7' light action Phenix Ultra MBX with a Pflueger Patriarch XT and 15-pound Seaguar Smackdown with a 6-pound Tatsu leader.

Finesse Cranking

Who says crankbaits can't be finesse? I throw the Rapala DT6 and Ima Pinjack and fish it slow for a finesse approach. My rod choice is a 7' M Abu Garcia Villain 2.0 with a Revo MGX spooled with 10-pound Seaguar InvizX.


I like to dye the tips of my green pumpkin baits with chartreuse to better imitate perch and bluegill. The Dyeing2Fish kit has all you need to do it without making a mess.

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