August 11, 2015

Badger Lake Recap

Badger Lake was a tough one for me. I caught fish..tons of them actually, but had a hard time finding any big ones. I caught numerous non-keepers and approximately 15 keeper sized bass and still weighed in less than 8lbs. 

I started off the day in an area that had big fish potential, an offshore spot where an underwater ridge came up from the 50 and 60ft levels to 20 ft and even as shallow as 8ft in some places. You can see it pretty clearly on these Navionics screenshots. The first picture is the standard NavChart and the second one is the SonarChart that has been updated from user generated logs.

I started fishing there and believe I caught three keepers from there and all of them came on a drop-shot. I was watching my graph and dropping it straight onto what I saw. My biggest fish of the day was a smallmouth and came "video game fishing". It's always fun watching them on the graph and dropping it right down to them. 

Drop-Shot Gear:

After catching so many small fish, I decided to try to fish for a big one and started using a football head and Strike King 6XD crankbait. The result was the same. I couldn't believe that a six inch fish would bite those two baits and get hooked, but it happened multiple times. I did end up culling a few times with the football head, but still had to weed through plenty of little fish.

One of the craziest things I have ever witnessed while fishing happened to me at Badger and it happened twice! I was reeling in a small fish and had a 5-6lb bass swipe at it and try to eat it. About an hour later it happened again in a different area and with a 4lb class fish. I tried some bigger baits and swimbaits and couldn't get either to show again. It was crazy seeing them attack my poor little bass on the end of the line.

Overall it was a fun event and I do like fishing Badger every time I go. I feel like any cast can be a giant because there are so many good ones in there.

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