February 5, 2010

The Red River is Cold and Muddy

Reports from the Red River in Shreveport are pretty bleak, cold and muddy seem to be the common words I'm reading.  The FLW Tour kicks off it's season in a few days and anglers are already saying how tough the fishing will be.  The water is six feet higher than last years Bassmaster Classic due to all of the rain they have been getting.  Like they always say though, somebody always finds them.

I think I have my picks narrowed down in Fantasy Fishing and have picked several "locals" to do well.  It's cool to see some of the Elite Series guys like Ish, Steve Kennedy and Edwin Evers fishing.  If you haven't signed up for FLW Fantasy Fishing you can do it for free here.  Also, Tackle Warehouse has put together a league
where some additional prizes can be won.  Good luck to those fishing, and those fantasy fishing next week.
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