May 26, 2010

The Big Business of Attracting Tournament Fishing to Town

Yesterday, FLW Outdoors made an announcement that they are going to bring the Forrest Wood Cup back to Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Hot Springs in middle of the summer?  When the cup was held there in 2007, Scott Suggs won in very tough conditions.  Why would they want to go back?  It's always a little more to it than just the fishing quality.  If not every tournament would be held at Amistad or Falcon.  The reason they keep going is known to many, it's all about the money.  Right away, the Classic at Pittsburgh and Chicago come to mind as well as last years Forrest Wood Cup in Pittsburgh.   It always comes down to who pays the most.  The reason the cities want fisheman coming to their city is obvious after reading this article: "BASS Regional Pumps Big Dollars Into Local Economy"

The Yuma Visitors Bureau estimates the tournament brought $200,000 to $300,000 into the local economy. "The national exposure for Yuma was fantastic as well," Bedringer said.

This is quite a bit of money for a town like Yuma, Arizona.  I don't know how much they had to pay in order to get them their, but I am sure it is less than the revenue it brought in to this town.  This was just a BASS Federation Regional, just think how much more is included for an event like the Classic.  The fans, media, and anyone in the fishing industry all make the impact on the revenue multiply.  I have heard rumors of how much it cost to bring a Classic to town and hear it's upwards on $500,000 but I might be wrong.  I couldn't find any info after a quick search online.  I do know the impact is great and we will continue to have Championship events on lower quality fisheries because of it.
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