June 16, 2010

My Ongoing Quest to Be a Better Angler

My goal for 2010 was to become better at bass fishing.  I feel like I am pretty consistent in that I am comfortable with all techniques, but not excellent at one in particular.  Part of that has come from being a co-angler for so many years.  You really have to be able to adapt to the situations that are given to you.  I feel just as comfortable punching grass with a 1.5 oz weight as I do fishing a drop-shot in 50+ feet of water with 6lb line.  This has allowed me to be confident in any situation, but I'm always looking to get better at each technique, as well as to learn new ones.

I was just reading a post on Kramer Gone Fishing about Gary Dobyns and how he has narrowed down his lure selection to just a few baits.  I have done something similar this year and carry much less tackle.  The less I think about my lure choices and spend time retying, the more time my bait is in the water.  It kind of goes back to what I was talking about the other day and Keeping it Simple.  Fishing is as much mental as anything else, and this is where I am going to continuously try to improve.  What other ideas do you have on how to become a better angler?
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