July 30, 2010

Good Grass vs. Bad Grass

Bass and bass fishermen both love grass.  I talk about it all the time when I mention flippin' and punchin' down here in Florida.  Around here, bass are in the grass, and that's all you need to know.  With so many kinds of grass out there, it's hard to determine which grass is best.  I have always done well around hydrilla (see picture), eelgrass, pepper grass and Kissimmee grass.  We are really lucky here and have plenty of types to choose from.  But not all grass is good for the lake. I was just reading on spokanebassfishing.com about Milfoil's Destructive Pattern and how this type of grass actually does more harm than good.  I remember the Eurasian Milfoil when I lived up there and people were doing everything they could to control it and stop it's spread.  It is easy to transport and grows like...a weed.  It is not native to most areas and is bad news.  Like Daniel says, "please check your trailers, boats, and gear. One little piece of milfoil is all it takes to spread. Stop it’s reproduction and help keep our lakes and rivers clean of this non-native plant species. If crucial plants continue to disappear, our favorite fish will eventually be impacted as well."

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