September 23, 2010

When to Use a Screw Lock Hook

I have been using some new hooks from Moaner Hooks lately and have been really impressed so far.  They make a unique shakyhead hook called the Stiffy Jig, but they have a weighted and un-weighted Stroker hook.  The hooks are super sharp and have a nice extra wide gap and screw for plastics.  For the type of fishing I do, the screw-in style is the best way to go.  I have been rigging my Sasquatch Spooky Flukes, Skinny Dippers and my Ribbits on these hooks and love them.  I used to just to just use a regular EWG hook, but have switched to the screw just to keep the bait in place better when fishing thick cover.  Check out this new company and see what they have to offer.  I'm really looking forward to trying the Stiffy Jig a little more.  It's a power shaky head!  It matches my Magnum Trick Worm perfectly!

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