April 3, 2011

Soft Plastics Week - The Berkley Powerbait Chigger Toad

Today is the last day of Soft Plastics Week and I'm finishing it up with a cool new toad from Berkley: the Powerbait Chigger Toad.  This bait is the newest addition to the popular Chigger lineup and adds some features to make it a topwater bait.  The bait comes in several great colors and is full of the PowerBait scent.  I don't believe scent is as big of a deal on a fast moving topwater bait like this, but it can't hurt.  

I fish soft plastic toad baits quite often here in Florida and have come to know what makes a good toad.  For me, the most important part of the bait is how well the tails kick at varying speeds.  I liked the Chigger Toad for fast retrieves, but at slower speeds it did have some problems.  It would kind of slide along the surface and wouldn't kick as much as I would have liked.  At a fast speed, the action was great.  

The bait measures in at 4" and is very compact.  I like the tail design and added features on the sides of the bait.  When I first saw this bait, I thought about using it as a pitching and flippin' bait as well.  I think it would do just as well below the surface as it does on top. I would rather use this bait for pitching or as a jig trailer than any other "toad" style bait. It just seems more like a creature bait than the others.  The body is fairly soft, which should allow for better hookups on topwater strikes.  I liked this bait, and will continue to use it along with my other favorite baits in this category.

Scoring for the Powerbait Chigger Toad
Price/Value: 3
The baits sell for $3.49 for a pack of 4.  That comes out to 87 cents each.  It's really not much more than a pack of Horny Toads or Stanley Ribbits (around 75 cents each)
Durability: 3
I didn't catch near enough fish on this bait to decide for sure, but after hooking and re-rigging several times, I am still using the first bait.  
Performance: 2
It kicks very well at a higher speed, at slower speeds: not so much.
Innovation: 2
It's a toad, it can't be too innovative.
Availability: 4
Online at TackleWarehouse, and also at the local Bass Pro Shops.

Total Score: 14  - Worth a Shot!

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