October 23, 2011

More on the Alabama Rig...and is it even legal?

Photo: Rob Newell FLWOutdoors

It's official, the bass fishing world has been taken over by the Alabama Rig. Paul Elias smashed the 100lb mark at Guntersville and most of the Top 10 (both pro's and co's) were using the rig.  As you can imagine people are interested in this bait (or I guess baits), it looks like they are completely sold out on thealabamarig.com and are back-ordered three weeks. I bet they are going to stay busy trying to keep up with demand and I expect to see some on eBay soon.  The frenzy has continued as searches for the rig and my site traffic have both increased quite a bit for a weekend.

This rig is great and all, but is it even legal?  I was asked this question by @DKingfisher89 on Twitter, he was researching the tournament rules and might have found some gray area.  I know in some states, it is not legal as some states only allow one hook, some three and some as many as you want.

I want to know what you think, is it legal in your state? and also should this be allowed in tournaments? 
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