December 1, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: Day 1 - Lock-n-Haul

Starting today, every day until Christmas I am going to tell you about a product that is worthy of your hard earned dollars.  These items have been used and approved by myself throughout the year.  Whether you are looking for a gift for someone or to treat yourself, these products are among the best on the market.

Day 1: Lock-n-Haul

You may have seen Lock-n-Haul mentioned before (see here), but I can't say enough good things about this universal transom saver.  It is built to last and very easy to use; two important factors I think about before making a purchase.

The benefit of having a transom saver like this instead of the traditional versions can be summed up into two major reasons in my opinion, the smaller size and the security it provides.  Since the Lock-n-Haul is so light and compact, I just put it in my back storage compartment.  It's also really secure once you add it to your transom, your engine will not move up and down or side to side.

They retail for just under $60 and are built to last.  I plan to keep mine for my next boat as well.  They fit pretty much any engine on the market, so chances are it will fit yours.  If you want to see if it will fit, find out here.

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