August 14, 2013

Bass Fishing at Night

My next tournament is this weekend and it will be a night tournament. It is actually an afternoon/evening and night event since we will be fishing from 4pm to midnight but it looks like it will be a fun one. I have fished three night events in my life and placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in them (See: A Successful Night of Fishing). I don't know how, I don't consider myself to be a good night bass fisherman, but must be doing something right.

Last night I started getting all of my night fishing stuff together and have really narrowed down my selection for this event. Usually I take a bunch of rods, but think I will be able to get away with three rods after dark. What are your favorite night fishing baits?

Here's what I'll have rigged up:

Eco Pro Tungsten Heavyweight Flipping Jig: I'll have a 1/2oz in black with a black Zoom Super Chunk on the back. The black on black is a killer at night. 

    Damiki Mega Miki worm. This is a big worm, at 11 inches long and it works great at night. Even though it's a long worm, it's a relatively small profile because of the thin tail section. I know from experience that even smaller fish will have no problem eating this bait. I have junebug and black with red flake ready to go rigged with a tungsten weight and big hook.

    Megabass X Pod. My debate with topwaters is always: should I throw a popper or walking bait? With the X Pod you can change it in an instant. This bait has seven different positions, allowing it to switch from popper, to walker to diving popper and more. It's really cool and the lip changing has to be seen to be believed.

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