December 5, 2013

My 2013 Spokane Bass Club Season Recap

Last night we had our end of the year awards banquet for the Spokane Bass Club. This was a club that I helped form last year with Dan Rice from, my wife and a few good friends. The year was a huge success for the club and I am happy to see more and more people are hearing about us and will help to grow bass fishing in our area. I was fortunate to win Angler of the Year in our first year as a club and was thinking about my tournaments from the year. I realized there were two common themes: a jig and a drop-shot. These two baits were by far the best for me this year. Here's a recap of the events and what I was doing.

Liberty Lake - 2nd Place - 1 fish, 1.16lbs
As you can see, this was a tough event. Only two fish were caught out of 22 anglers. I caught my fish on a jerkbait, a Lucky Craft 78SP Deep Diver, in the first ten minutes of the day. That was it, but I have never been so proud of a 13inch smallmouth.

Hauser Lake - 5th Place - 1 fish, 2.06lbs
Hauser was another tough one as it was still pretty cold. I felt better about this one since I went out for a few hours the day before and caught two and lost one pitching to docks with a black Eco Pro Tungsten Heavyweight Flipping jig. One thing I remember about the fish I caught was that it gave me three chances to catch it. It bit once lightly and let go, I pitched in again and missed on the hookset and I caught it on the third attempt.

Hayden Lake - 1st Place - 5 fish, 9.72lbs
I put some serious time into this one since the ramp is about five minutes from my work, I went three or four times after work and then the weekend before. Out of all of those trips I didn't have a limit of fish TOTAL (15inch min for largemouth and 12inch for smallmouth). I was catching plenty of fish but all shorts, except for three areas that I had caught keepers from. I went to all of those areas a few different times during the day and didn't go anywhere else. I ended up catching three keeper largemouth and four keeper smallmouth. The largemouth came on the Eco Pro jig, a Megabass Pop-X and Green Pumpkin Senko. All of the smallmouth came from one specific area within an hour on a drop-shot with a 3" Berkley Twitchtail Minnow.

Pend Oreille River - 1st Place - 5 fish, 11.16lbs
This was another fun one and a place where I had plenty of fishing history. Before I moved to Florida, I knew this place as good as any other lake or river around here. The funny thing is the two places I caught my fish from were places I had never fished until right before the tournament. The PO River has a limit of 2 largemouth per person and I was able to catch both of my keepers in the first half hour, one on the Eco Pro jig and one on a Megabass Giant Dog X topwater bait. After that it was smallie time. I found a main river point with rocks on it and milked it for all it was worth, catching keepers both times I stopped there. I was using a 4.5" Roboworm in Aaron's Magic.

Loon Lake - 3rd Place - 4 fish, 8.92lbs
This was our night event and was tons of fun. I only had four fish, one more keeper would have likely pushed me to 1st place. I caught one on a drop-shot with a Roboworm right away and then caught one on a Zoom Ultravibe speedworm right before it got dark. My two biggest fish came on the Eco Pro jig next to docks.

Newman Lake - 2nd Place - 5 fish, 17.13lbs
This event was probably my favorite of the year, the fish were biting very good this day. I decided to use my GoPro for this event, you can see the video here. I caught my limit in about an hour or so on a drop-shot with a Roboworm. I caught several more keepers drop-shotting, but the real key was switching to the jig. I culled all of those fish out and caught the big bass of the day on the Eco Pro jig, a 5.83lber.

Loon Lake - 5th Place - 2 fish, 2.94lbs
I went to Loon the week before and thought I had them figured out, I was wrong! The fishing was tough and I ended up spending too much time chasing the smallmouth bite. I changed up and caught my two largemouth within about five minutes of pitching the jig to docks. I tried it for a bit longer then went back to chasing the smallies. Made a big mistake on that day.

Long Lake - 6th Place - 2 fish, 3.01bs
This was another one that surprised me. I was able to catch 17lb+ bags the two weeks before in little fun events we had, but the weather changed and so did the fish. I drop-shotted all day and caught my two fish with Roboworms while seeing them on my graph. It did help me continue to gain confidence doing that and it's really a fun way to fish.

As you can see, I pretty much used my three favorite techniques all year: a drop-shot, a jig and a topwater. Next year's schedule has some new lakes and I am really excited to fish the club again next year. I know the jig and drop-shot will be used at all of those tournaments.
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