May 11, 2010

Time to Break Out the Spinning Rods

During my last few tournaments I have been fishing with heavy line and bigger baits on lakes like Okeechobee and Seminole but this weekend I'm fishing a club tournament on Crooked Lake in Central Florida.  I have fished there a few times since I have moved here and it always seems to be a finesse bite because the water is clear and the fish are smaller.  The flick shake works magic there, the drop shot and shaky head also put a bunch of fish in the boat.  I haven't even cast a spinning rod in months, so long that I wonder if I'll remember how to do it.

Learning to bass fish in Nevada and Washington taught me how to use the light line and little rods to catch big fish, but since I moved to Florida it has been a different story.  I'm actually looking forward to doing something a little different this weekend.  I think I'm a pretty versatile fisherman, and actually consider finesse fishing my biggest strength, so this tournament should be fun.  Then it's back to power fishing at Lake Istokpoga and Okeechobee after that.  Change is good sometimes.
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