August 4, 2010

InvisaSwivel Contest!

If you have been reading lately you have heard about the new InvisaSwivel by Aquateko.  It's perfect for combining braid to fluorcarbon or adding to your drop-shot rig to reduce line twist.  I am running a contest here to let everyone get a chance to try it for themselves.  Two winners will be chosen and will recieve a pack of InvisaSwivels.  All you have to do is go to Aquateko's website and tell me how many sizes the InvisaSwivel comes in.  Click on the banner to the right or click here to check out their site.  When you have the answer send me an email at  This contest is open to anyone who is a follower of my site (click follow if you aren't already part of the site).  The winners will be randomly chosen on Friday at 6pm.  Thanks!
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